Why is important to our kids learn geometry?

Geometry is in every thing that we can see the lines, curves, etc… When we teach geometry, for the kid can be more easy to understand the strcucture of the things; to see how to do every thing, may be are composed with lines, curves, angles, etc.

Geometry are very useful and entertainment for the children. 



#1: Poem Shapes.

Materials: poems.

Procedure: the child will pay attention for each shape poem.

Captura de pantalla (128)
Pauley, A. (2013) Shape Poems {Freebie}. Available at:


#2: Classifying shapes.

Materials: big sheet of paper / foam shapes.

Procedure: the child will classify the shapes in the correct place.

Stewart, D. (2011) Exploring shapes on the table in preschool. Available at:












#3: Color shapes.

Materials: paints / shapes in cardboard.

Procedure: the child will paint the shapes in a paper while say the name of each shape.

Laughpaintcreate, E. (2010) I know my shapes. Available at:


#4: Doing shapes.

Materials: Play Dough Shapes / wool.

Procedure: the child will make the form of the shapes with wool.

Stewart, D. (w.d) Geometry. Available at:


#5: ECO – MATERIAL Matching shapes.

Materials: paperboard with shapes / shapes in felt.

Procedure: the child will match the correct shape in felt in the paperboard.









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